Backflow Testing and Prevention


Backflow Prevention

A backflow device or assembly protects our drinking water from contamination. Backflow assemblies prevent backflow or water flowing backwards from potentially contaminated water into our commercial or residential water system. We are ASSE certified and licensed backflow testing and prevention professionals. Local code requires ASSE certified technicians to perform backflow testing and prevention services.


D. J. Murray Plumbing and Sewer Service is a licensed and certified ASSE backflow testing contractor. We are licensed to perform commercial and residential backflow testing and to install, repair, or replace backflow prevention assemblies.


We provide backflow testing, inspection, prevention, isolation, and containment for your home or business. Commercial backflow assemblies should be tested annually and residential assemblies every three years to maintain proper function and be in compliance with local code.


D. J. Murray Plumbing provides a full range of commercial and residential backflow testing and prevention services including:



Residential Backflow Testing and Prevention


Backflow prevention assemblies are more common in commercial settings but your home may require one. A home with a sprinkler system that cross connects with the drinking water or a water powered back up sump pump would be required by many communities to have a backflow prevention assembly installed and tested. If the water pressure dropped in your home for any reason without proper backflow prevention your drinking water could become contaminated with bacteria, fertilizer, pesticides or sediment.


Our ASSE certified plumbers can check your residential backflow assemblies, make repairs, or install new backflow assemblies if your home has any need for backflow prevention.


Commercial Backflow Testing and Prevention


D. J. Murray Plumbing has decades of experience in commercial backflow testing and prevention. We are licensed and certified to test, repair, and install commercial backflow assemblies. Hospitals, car washes, buildings with fire suppression systems, just to name a few will require annual backflow testing in most municipalities. Backflow preventers can fail due to many reasons including corrosion, wear and tear, freezing, or improper use. Therefore it is important to have an experienced and ASSE certified plumber perform a backflow test or inspection to insure your backflow prevention assembly is working properly.


Backflow prevention at the commercial, industrial, and institutional level can be complicated. D. J. Murray plumbing technicians are experienced and ASSE certified to test, repair, and install commercial backflow prevention assemblies. Call us today to schedule commercial backflow testing, inspection, repair, and installation.


Types of Backflow Preventers



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