Toilet Repair and Installation


Toilet Installation

Our experienced technicians at D.J. Murray Plumbing are experienced with toilet repair and installation. We can repair or replace any toilet for residential or commercial use.


Signs of a failing toilet include:


  1. Water on the floor around the toilet base
  2. Toilet runs constantly
  3. Clogs constantly
  4. Won't flush
  5. Requires multiple flushes to clear
  6. Loud noises from the tank
  7. Cracks in the porcelain
  8. Leaks below your toilet


Toilet Repair


Sometimes a toilet will need a minor repair to get back to a good working condition. We carry the parts on our trucks to make most minor toilet repairs. In some cases a toilet rebuild will be necessary to restore your toilet. Regardless of the repairs required the plumbers at D.J. Murray Plumbing are experienced with toilet repair or replacement and can quickly diagnose your problem and make the necessary repair.


Toilet Installation


If you toilet is in poor condition and will not be cost effective to repair or if you are looking for a new toilet we can install one with the features you are looking for.


Many different toilet styles are available today. A large range of sizes, heights for comfort, flushing features, and one or two piece design are available for any bathroom. D.J. Murray plumbers are experienced with toilet installation and will have helpful advice on toilet that will work with your plumbing system.


If you are having toilet problems and are looking to repair or replace your toilet call D.J. Murray Plumbing today for fast service. We are experts at toilet repair and new toilet installation.