Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection Services


Sewer Camera Service

If you have a sewer back up that is recurring often, need a sewer inspection for a real estate sale, or require line locating services, D. J. Murray plumbing technicians are equipped with the latest sewer camera technology and have the experience to resolve your issue.


With our digital sewer camera inspection we can visually verify potential areas of concern and insure proper sewer and drain function. Our digital camera is non-invasive and will allow the technician to pinpoint any sewer problems. Using a camera will remove the guesswork and provide accurate diagnostics resulting in quicker solutions.


Our cameras produce a high resolution video and we can provide a recorded image using usb, email, and text.


Line Location Services


With our locator device we can accurately locate and pinpoint problem areas, find lost or unknown clean outs, determine pipe depth, direction and more.


Real Estate Sewer Inspection Services


If you need a sewer inspection for a real estate purposes call D. J. Murray Plumbing for accurate and detailed sewer inspection services. We can provide a video file in a format convenient for you to use.


D. J. Murray Plumbing provides a full range of sewer camera services services for many issues:


Sewer and Drain Camera


Contact D. J. Murray Plumbing and Sewer Service today if you require any of our sewer camera services. Sewer back ups, line locating, and real estate sewer inspections are our specialty.