Water Pipe Repair and Replacement


Copper Pipe Replacement

If your hot or cold water or drain pipes are leaking or you are looking to update your plumbing D. J. Murray Plumbing can discuss your options and recommend the best solution to suite your needs. If you need to repair a section of your plumbing, would like to replace your hot and cold water pipes, or replace or repair any of your drain pipes we have a solution. Today there are many options for the pipes used in repiping a home or business.


If you suspect your plumbing is leaking or has begun to decay, don't hesitate to call D. J. Murray Plumbing and have an experienced plumber inspect your system. We can determine if you need repiping or if a repair will solve your problem.


In many cases, pipe leaks or low water pressure in one area of your home or business will have the same issues in the rest of the system. This is especially true in older galvanized pipe plumbing systems.


Water Pipe Repair


As you plumbing ages you may have areas that begin to leak and break down. Regardless of the leak location we can find the problem and repair the pipes. Leaky pipes can cause extensive water and mold damage if not taken care of.


Drain Pipe Repair or Replacement


A very common cause of drain pipe breakdown or leaks is the use of drain cleaners. We offer many drain updates including bath tub trip waste and overflow assemblies, kitchen drain lines, garbage disposals, leaks under kitchen sinks, venting issues, and vent cleaning,


Water Pipe Replacement or Repiping


Plumbing updates, such as repiping or pipe replacement are sometimes necessary. If a repiping service is needed, we will remove damaged sections of pipe and replace them and use the proper materials necessary to meet Michigan plumbing codes. Repiping will restore your plumbing system to a stable condition, improve water flow, improve water pressure, and eliminate the water damage from leaky pipes.


Water Pipe Systems We Recommend:



PEX: Polyethylene piping. This type of pipe resists scaling, corrosion, and chlorine. It is easy to join without using joints or connections. Because of the pipes flexibility it can bend around curves and allow a much easier installation in some difficult to reach areas and is a great product to prevent frozen/broken pipes.


Copper: Copper pipe is ideal for use in a large variety of situations. This type of pipe has a strong resistance to corrosion and scaling, is lightweight and durable, will not degrade in UV light, and has a high temperature resistance. Copper also resists the growth of bacteria.


ProPress: ProPress is a pipe joining system that does not require soldering. Fittings are secured to the pipe with a press tool. This system can be used in any repipe project and eliminates the use of an open flame to solder pipes.


If your plumbing is in need of repair or you are searching for a plumber to repipe or update your water or drain piping for residential or commercial plumbing call D. J. Murray Plumbing today for reliable and experienced service.