Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair


Garbage Disposal Installation

If you suspect your garbage disposal is not working properly, have bad odors from your kitchen sink, or have water leaking from your disposal, D. J. Murray Plumbing can inspect your garbage disposal and repair or install a new disposal.


Our plumbers are experienced with commercial and residential garbage disposal installations. We install durable disposals for heavy commercial use as well as units that are great for your home. A common cause of sink drain clogs is due to a disposal not breaking down waste before it enters your plumbing. If you have recurring problems with a slow draining sink or bad odors from your drain, the disposal may not be working properly.


Signs of a failing garbage disposal include:


Commercial and Residential Garbage Disposals
  1. Your disposal sounds different or is making loud noises or vibrating
  2. Sink backs up constantly
  3. Disposal requires frequent resets
  4. Fowl odors from your drain
  5. Water leaking from the garbage disposal
  6. Disposal will not turn on


Residential garbage disposal failures usually require immediate attention. We are available and experienced with garbage disposals and the problems associated with kitchen drains. Our plumbers can quickly diagnose your garbage disposal issue and recommend a solution.


For garbage disposal repair and installation call D. J. Murray Plumbing for reliable service. Our plumbers can install a disposal with the power and features that best suit your needs.