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Backflow Prevention

Are you searching for a certified and licensed backflow testing and prevention plumbing contractor serving Ferndale, Michigan.


D. J. Murray Plumbing and Sewer Service has decades of experience in backflow testing. We are licensed and certified to perform backflow testing on both residential and commercial property in Ferndale, Michigan. We can repair and install backflow prevention devices for any situation.


Because many issues can reduce the lifespan of backflow prevention assemblies, they should be inspected annually to insure proper function. Also, to be in compliance with city code, many communities require an annual inspection of backflow devices. D.J. Murray Plumbing provides both residential and commercial backflow testing, we can recommend the proper backflow device to fit your individual situation.


D. J. Murray Plumbing provides a full range of commercial and residential backflow testing and prevention services including:

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If you have a home or business in Ferndale, Michigan that requires backflow testing call D.J. Murray Plumbing today to schedule an appointment. We repair and install backflow prevention devices for both commercial and residential property. Experienced backflow testing will help insure that your drinking water does not become contaminated by a loss of pressure or any type of event causing backflow.