Sewer Cleaning Berkley MI


Sewer Cleaning Van

Are you searching for a plumber to provide sewer cleaning services because of a blocked or slow draining sewer? Do you have water backing up into your bath tub, shower, or basement?


D.J. Murray Plumbing and Sewer Service is a commercial and residential plumbing service company with quick and reliable sewer cleaning services in Berkley, Michigan. Our plumbers use the latest technology to diagnose and open your sewer line. In-line digital sewer cameras are an excellent way to view the inside of your sewer and determine the best approach to resolving a sewer backup or a slow drain issue.


For sewer main backups, storm main backups, flooded basements, and parking lot drains we are residential, commercial, and industrial sewer cleaning experts.


We employ many techniques including electric sewer cleaning, power rodding, roto rooting, and hydro jetting or high pressure water jetting to properly clean a sewer line or sewer main. We can also apply a RootX treatment if you have ongoing problems with tree roots in your sewer.


24 Hour Emergency Sewer Cleaning


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency sewer cleaning services. Call today and speak with a professional plumber.


Commercial and Restaurant Sewer Preventative Maintenance Services

To avoid expensive restoration and repairs from a sewer backup we provide sewer line maintenance for both residential and commercial customers. Hydro jetting or high pressure water jetting is an excellent method to maintain an open sewer line. Grease, sludge, and tree roots can be completely removed to open the entire sewer line and prevent an expensive backup. Some of our commercial sewer maintenance customers include apartment buildings, restaurants, condo associations, and retail stores.


D. J. Murray Plumbing provides a full range of sewer cleaning services in Berkley, Michigan including:


If you have a slow draining or blocked sewer and are looking for a sewer cleaning service in Berkley, Michigan call D.J. Murray Plumbing and Sewer Service today. We use the latest equipment and our plumbers are available 24 hours a day for emergency sewer cleaning service.