Sewer Repair and Excavation


Commercial Plumbing

There are times when opening a clogged sewer line is not possible, if the line has collapsed you will need to excavate and replace the sewer line. D. J. Murray Plumbing has the experience and equipment to handle commercial and residential excavation and sewer line replacement.


We use digital cameras to inspect your sewer main and can view the problem to make the correct decision before the repair begins. Sewer main excavation and replacement is a last resort, we will make every attempt to open your sewer prior to digging. Hydrojetting may be a better solution for your problem


Signs of sewer line damage include multiple slow drains, gurgling sounds from toilets, foul smells in yard or basement, water damage or mold growth in basement. Tree roots are a common cause of sewer main failure. Tree roots seek a source of water and can work their way into your sewer main and after years of growth cause a collapse. This can be avoided by properly maintaining your sewer, cleaning, hydro jetting, and camera inspection.


Sewer and Water Main Repair services


D. J. Murray Plumbing provides a full range of sewer repair and excavation services including:



Contact D. J. Murray Plumbing and Sewer Service today if you are experiencing sewer line or water service problems. We have the experience and equipment to diagnose and repair your sewer or water service.